Hoodie Care

Hoodie Care


We recommend washing your hoodie at least once per week with regular use. If used for physical or outdoors activities such exercising or in other scenarios where your hoodie comes in contact with contaminants more regularly, we encourage washing more frequently and right after the activity if possible.

Machine Wash

Aberration Apparel hoodies are suitable for machine wash with a few tips to keep in mind:

- cold wash under 40 degrees Celsius on a gentle cycle

- wash inside out with similar colours

- use gentle detergents

- hang dry only, the excessive heat combined with the movement of tumble drying can lift the vinyl design off the hoodie

-  don't let your hoodie stay wet for prolonged periods of time. Excessive humidity or moisture can contribute to lifting


Proper storage of your hoodie can greatly help improve its longevity.

When not in use, your hoodie should:

- be folded neatly in a cupboard or hanging freely on a coat hanger

- avoid having the design areas creased for long periods of time, this can contribute to lifting

Repairing Lifting Vinyl

Disaster has occurred! You've accidentally sent your hoodie through a hot dryer and the vinyl is starting to lift! It's ok. While preventing lifting is the best solution, it can be fixed if managed early and done carefully.

- lay the design flat over an ironing board, facing up

- set a regular iron to a high temperature with no steam

- IMPORTANT - cover the affected design area with baking paper

- firmly run the iron along the affected area over the baking paper for about 10 seconds. DO NOT let the iron come in direct contact with the design

- Check under the baking paper to see if the vinyl has stuck back down. Repeat ironing process a couple more times if the vinyl isn't quite stuck yet.