Our Mission

Aberration Apparel is built on the idea that if you do what you love and work at it, success will follow. Too often are people told not follow their dreams because it's 'weird' or 'risky' or because 'you can't make a living off that'. We're here to prove that all wrong and look great doing it! Why do something boring because it's 'safe' or 'it's what everyone else is doing' when you can do something that genuinely brings you joy? Be bold, take risks, be an aberration! #daretobedifferent

Behind the Brand

Aberration Apparel was founded in 2022 by Horsham (Vic, Australia) based artist Becky Bone. As an enthusiast for all things art, design and creativity, many hours have been devoted to the hobby over the years. What started off as an avenue of expression has now turned into a fully fledged business, channeling a passion into a format that you can own for yourself and wear with pride! Know that a huge amount of love and soul goes into each and every item, just for you!

Environmental Responsibility

At Aberration Apparel, we go to great lengths to ensure our environmental impact is as small as possible. From packaging to product, the environment is always a key focus. All packaging you receive is either recyclable or home compostable. As for our products, we do our best to ensure they are built to last! As our scrunchies are home-made, we're constantly looking for new methods to improve their design and longevity. All products from scrunchies to hoodies are extensively quality checked and are manufactured with high quality materials, ensuring each item lasts as long as possible with proper care. When you eventually part with your item, we highly recommend thrifting, passing it onto a loved one, or even creating something new with it! We encourage disposal contributing to landfill as a very last resort.

Social Responsibility

Not only do we try to be environmentally friendly at Aberration Apparel, but we also go to great lengths to ensure every product is manufactured ethically and with love. As mentioned, all scrunchies are handmade in regional Victoria with services from local and extend to other Australian businesses. As for apparel, all items are sourced from Australian wholesaler Ramowear who have demonstrated a commitment to fair and ethical manufacturing. Manufacturers are paid an adaptive living wage, are not overworked and operate in a safe environment. But don't just take our word for it, see for yourself the great lengths Ramo goes to to ensure fair work here