Scrunchie Care

Caring for your belongings is the best way to ensure their longevity.

Here is a guide to help look after your new Aberration Apparel accessories and make them last! 


Just like any item of clothing, scrunchies need to be washed from time to time to stay hygenic and to help you look your best!

We recommend washing your scrunchies at least once per week with frequent use. If used for physical or outdoors activities such exercising, swimming or in other scenarios where your scrunchie comes in contact with contaminents more regularly, we encourage washing more frequently and right after the activity if possible.


Machine Wash

Aberration Apparel scrunchies are suitable for machine washes with a few tips to keep in mind:

- cold wash on a gentle cycle

- wash with similar colours

- place in laundry bag or other protective wrap that can still let the water through easily while protecting your scrunchie from excess rubbing against other clothes

- let hang dry, best to hang on a hook through the hole rather than pinch with a peg


Hand Wash

Hand washing is the most gentle way to clean your scrunchies. It's also the best option when you don't have a full load for a machine, allowing for more frequent washes.

We recommend:

- filling a small bowl with lukewarm water

- adding a few drops of detergent

- submerging your scrunchie then bobbing and swishing it around to get in all the creases

- rinsing under a tap, squeezing out any soapy water

- squeeze out as much remaining water as possible, avoiding twisting

- drying on a hook, just like with a machine wash